Reclaimed Cast Iron Fire Places


Cast Iron Insert and Surround

An attractive cast iron insert and surround

Complete £600 + VAT

Combination Cast Iron Fireplaces

Various styles of combination cast iron fireplaces which would make a great focal point piece

From £330 + VAT


Reproduction Cast Iron Combination Surrounds

Reproduction cast iron combination surrounds ideal for your living room

From £470 + VAT


Reproduction Cast Iron Combination Surround

Reproduction cast iron combination surround

£400 + VAT


Original Retro Cast Iron Fire Place

Original Retro Cast Iron Fire Place

£210 + VAT


Victorian Cast Iron Combination Surround

Victorian cast iron combination surround with original tiles



Cast Iron Combination Surround

Cast Iron Combination Surround with a design to satisfy

Insert £390, surround £400, complete £700


Retro Fire place

Very unusual Retro Fire Place 



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